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Information: We recommend enabling individual sender address to Urkund. When enabled, both the sender address and the file name of the submission sent to Urkund will include the Inspera internal user ID for the candidate.

This setting also ensures that all submissions in the same test are checked against each other.

If you would like this setting to be enabled, please contact your local super user.


The purpose of this article is to explain how you can identify plagiarism matches against other submissions in your institution. 

The screen shots are from Marking 2.0, but because it is the plagiarism report that contains the information you need, the method is the same for both classic marking and Marking 2.0.

Note: This article is mainly for users with extended access. It's unlikely that a regular planner or grader will have access to a previous test that the report is matching against

Find the plagiarism report in Marking

In the marking tool we can see the data about the submitted document. The file name contains the User ID, Test ID and the Question ID. We can see that these numbers match the ones we find in the current URL address.

The file name will look similar to this:
UserId: 57698595 TestId: 57698590 QuestionId: 56930518.html


Below we are looking at the plagiarism match itself:

We can find the UserID, TestID and QuestionID that this submission was matched against.


After we have found the match we can use the numbers from the UserID or TestID to search for the match in Monitor .

Note: Finding a match requires that the user doing the search is already added as a contributor to the test where the matching submission originates.


If the user doing the search can't find any match on TestID or UserID this user must contact an extended access user.

After selecting the candidate in Monitor you can jump straight to «View submission» (or «Marking») from the pop-up menu to see the matching candidates submission.

If this candidate has submitted multiple questions you will need to look through the test to find the matching question. The questionID is available in the URL.


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