Available configurations in Inspera Assessment

Who is this relevant for?

This information is relevant for planners and administrators of Inspera Assessment. These key persons benefit from having an overview and understanding of how people in the organisation work in Inspera. In addition, they understand the workflow and know what is helpful and what is not.

Configurations are relevant for setting up an Inspera page where relevant functions and options are available. It also allows you to turn off unnecessary elements, that are not in use and may disturb the view.


What are the configurations?

The table below shows Inspera configurations. Configurations mean that it is possible to turn off/on settings and features. This will change the user interface (your Inspera page). The configurations are usually related to specific workflows or actions such as marking workflow or possibility to add/remove a navigation bar. A configuration could also be for, example, a button.


What to do if I want a configuration changed (Enabled/disabled)?

To enable, disable or change a configuration value for your institution's account, please contact Service Desk through normal channels. We recommend that you are aligned with your organisation before applying changes. Any configuration change requires that requester is recorded with the authority to order changes on your account. You can double-check this with your contact person in Inspera. 



General functionality


Possible values

Assessment Feedback Enabled/Disabled
Accessibility contrast colours inverted, yellow-on-black
Allow uploads to finish after test end time Enabled/Disabled
Remove access to submissions for candidates Number of days
Bands and criteria Enabled/Disabled
Bypass the restriction that a Grader can't mark the same candidate in Primary and Appeal rounds Enabled/Disabled
Close test and start grading Enabled/Disabled
Use default grading scale on new tests Any grading scale that is available on the tenant
Set the default print style on submissions standard, reading, feedback
Additional resources - PDF Enabled/Disabled
Additional resources - URL Enabled/Disabled
Require graders to agree on marks Enabled/Disabled
Answer key corrections Enabled/Disabled
Enable API access code generation from frontend Enabled/Disabled
Highlight text in section stimulus - Author Enabled/Disabled
Latex mode in question text Enabled/Disabled
Latex mode in multiple choice Enabled/Disabled
Limit invigilator to room Enabled/Disabled
Allow candidates to highlight section text Enabled/Disabled
Combined manual and auto submission Enabled/Disabled
Committee management in Deliver Enabled/Disabled
Question type - Code compile Closed Beta
Criteria marking Enabled/Disabled
Non-anonymous candidates - after test Enabled/Disabled
Bands and criteria - Decimals Enabled/Disabled
Edit design and assessment settings after activation Enabled/Disabled
Grading with Excel Enabled/Disabled
Exporting marks and grades to CSV Enabled/Disabled
Question type - Form Enabled/Disabled
Approval of grades per candidate and individual grading deadline Enabled/Disabled
Question type - Graphic Gap Match Enabled/Disabled
Question type - Graphic Text Entry Enabled/Disabled
Individual end time Enabled/Disabled
Question type - Inline Gap Match Enabled/Disabled
Item Banks Closed Beta
Login tabs for students and admin users Enabled/Disabled
Question type - Math Working Enabled/Disabled
Enables US date format mm/dd/yyyy (in Marking 2.0) Enabled/Disabled
Committee Moderation Enabled/Disabled
Enable minutes remaining column in monitoring Enabled/Disabled
Navigation from Deliver to Grade Enabled/Disabled
Navigation from Grade to Deliver Enabled/Disabled
Non-anonymous candidates - before test Enabled/Disabled
Add external link to candidate in Oral exams Enabled/Disabled
Add organisational units from csv Enabled/Disabled
Enables planners to confirm on behalf of grader Enabled/Disabled
Note taking and highlighting for candidates Beta
Essay special characters palette Enabled/Disabled
Configurable essay toolbars Enabled/Disabled
Math Symbol Palette Enabled/Disabled
Special characters palette for authors Enabled/Disabled
Late submissions Closed Beta
Public demo test Enabled/Disabled
Publish final grade to student dashboard Enabled/Disabled
Export questions and question sets to QTI Enabled/Disabled
Question type - Audio record Beta
Mark scheme for questions Enabled/Disabled
Question weights override Enabled/Disabled
Reusable criteria Enabled/Disabled
Appeals (reassessment) Enabled/Disabled
Safe Exam Browser for IOS Enabled/Disabled
Candidate selected questions Closed Beta
Sections in Question sets Enabled/Disabled
Randomise and pull questions Enabled/Disabled
Section stimulus Enabled/Disabled
Add class membership to "Permanent student users" Enabled/Disabled
Enabling Candidate Report Enabled/Disabled
Allow candidates to sign off own submission Enabled/Disabled
Automatic Submission Deletion After Grading Number of days/Disabled
Automatic Submission Deletion After Submission Number of days/Disabled
Taxonomies Deprecated
Role - Template administrator Enabled/Disabled
Test templates Enabled/Disabled
Assign learners by test code Enabled/Disabled
Test without submissions (Marking only) Enabled/Disabled
Text to Speech Enabled/Disabled
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Beta
Enable views sharing for roles: Administrator and Template administrator Enabled/Disabled
Download "Marks as Excel file" Enabled/Disabled
Administration of explanations Enabled/Disabled
Bulk release of explanations Enabled/Disabled
Grading Scales See overview of available grading scales
Submit blank Enabled/Disabled
Withdraw submission Enabled/Disabled
Predefined feedback per question and per alternative Enabled/Disabled
Import contributors from CSV Enabled/Disabled
Blank submissions available in grading Enabled/Disabled
Item Bank - Allow unbanked content Closed Beta
PCI question types and templates Closed Beta
Permanent Student users Enabled/Disabled
Show "Candidate ID" in Player during test Enabled/Disabled
Show "Name" in Player during test Enabled/Disabled
Import questions and question sets (QTI) Enabled/Disabled
Always reset threshold values to default when question set is updated or changed Enabled/Disabled
Results export (JSON) Enabled/Disabled
Set Marking 2.0 as default on all new tests Enabled/Disabled
Available languages in the user interface Norwegian (BM and NN), English, Swedish, Polish, Spanish (Columbian), German, French (France), Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch, Welsh, Hebrew
Thresholds on question level Enabled/Disabled
Default maximum video file size 30 MB
Default file size limit for upload assignment 1 GB
Marks only Enabled/Disabled
Enable thesis publication Enabled/Disabled
View typed password for student (Not SSO) Enabled/Disabled
Custom help text for admin login Custom
Custom help text for student login Custom
Enable a "New test" button in the header of the admin dashboard Enabled/Disabled
Set invigilator password for open browser tests Enabled/Disabled
Allow import of username and password from CSV for "Permanent student users" Enabled/Disabled
Show username and password for "Permanent student users" in tests Enabled/Disabled

Group management with CSV


Committee management with CSV

Export Criteria and Marks Enabled/Disabled
Possibility to disable Invigilator password for Inspera Integrity Browser Enabled/Disabled
Lock test settings Enabled/Disabled
Marking word count Enabled/Disabled
Show "Warning" in monitor when candidate came online Enabled/Disabled
Enable "Numeric Simulations" Beta
Reusable Rubrics (Point based and ranged, Percent ranged) Enabled/Disabled
Qualitative Rubric Enabled/Disabled
Export (CSV) from Monitor to include all the warnings Enabled/Disabled
One-Way Navigation Enabled/Disabled
Multiple Attempts Enabled / Disabled
New Candidate dashboard Enabled / Disabled
Marks only - "Do not use grade scale" as the default Grading scale option in Assessment settings  Enabled / Disabled
Assessment Path Enabled / Disabled

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