Grader workflow - Require graders to agree on marks

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Available for Planner and Grader

Inspera Assessment supports improved quality in Grading workflow by enforcing agreement on numerical marks per question before the final grade can be confirmed.

This feature requires activation. Contact Inspera Service Desk to activate.

This article contains the following:

  • Overview of functionality
  • Grader guide - Conflicting marks
  • Overriding scores


Overview of functionality

When there is more than one grader grading a submission, Planner can choose a workflow where the graders agree on numerical mark level before the grade can be confirmed. This means that each question needs to get the same marks from all the graders to complete the grading process.

To enable this functionality,  open the test in Deliver - Setup. Then scroll down to Grading workflow and check Require graders to align marks. When enabled, graders are required to set the same mark on each response to be able to confirm final grading.



Note. This test setting can only be changed up until grading starts. Once the grading starts, the setting can no longer be changed.


Grader guide - conflicting marks

Although the graders have given the same grade in “Your Grading” page, final grade can’t be confirmed if there is a conflict in marks. All candidates with conflicting grades and/or marks will be shown with a yellow background:



Click on the candidate with yellow background to see the details:



Overriding scores

The above example shows that one of the questions has conflicting marks from two graders. Graders need to agree on the mark to confirm final grade.

Note. It is not possible for graders to set higher or lower score than the value set by the author.

1. Manually marked questions: to override - select one of the values on the top-right corner:


2. Automatically marked scores: for automatically marked question types, click Override image-4.png on the top-right corner. Then set a new value and click Update:



When all the marks and grades have been agreed for each candidate, “Confirm Final Grading” button will be available:




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