Moderator - Arbeidsflyt for moderatorer

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This is available for Moderators.

When final grading has been confirmed by all committees, moderators get access to view the
submissions and can set the moderation status of their own committee. When updating the
moderation status, it is recommended to leave a comment so that graders and planners can
understand the reason for the status change.

Moderator workflow

Before final grading

Before final grading is confirmed, this is the Moderator view. At this point, there is nothing for the
moderator to review.



After final grading

When the moderator views results, they will see the candidate list, including grades. If the
planner has flagged candidates for moderation, the flag will be shown in the candidate list. The
moderator can then open each candidate to view the submission, They can also read
submissions on paper and add comments to other graders. Note that the moderator’s
comments cannot be shared with candidates, only with the graders in the committee.

After final grading is confirmed and the planner has notified the moderator, the status will
change to Ready for moderation and the moderator will receive access to the results and can
change moderation status.

1. To change the moderation status, click Edit Moderation status.


2. After the results are reviewed, the moderator can edit the moderation status. The available statuses
are shown below. It is recommended to add a comment along with the new status.

Moderation status for committee:

  • Not reviewed: Committee is not finished and not ready for moderation.
  • Ready for moderation: Committee is finished and moderator can view results and
    change moderation status.
  • Satisfactory: Moderation completed and results approved by moderator.
  • Needs revising: The moderator has found inconsistencies, and the grader must go back
    to correct their work. The planner must reopen grading for the grader to adjust results.
  • Unsatisfactory: The moderator is not satisfied with the work, and it might require the
    planner to assign new grader(s). The planner must reopen grading to add other graders.
    The planner will be notified of updates in moderation status.


Note: Grading is not completed until every committee with a moderator gives the status
Satisfactory. This means the test status will be shown as “Grading in progress” if the
moderation status is either Needs revising or Unsatisfactory. In this case, it is recommended
that the Planner reopens grading for graders to make revisions or to assign new graders.

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