Sentence highlights

Sentence highlights

Once the originality checking process is done, the sentences will be highlighted by either red, blue, or green color, followed by the gray color after a certain interaction. 

Each of the colors represents the type of similarity that was found in the sentence, ranging from

  • Exact match
  • Possibly altered text
  • Marked as quotation
  • Removed highlight

Exact match

The “Exact Match” highlights the sentences that have a very high similarity to a sentence on an existing source that was found, indicating a high degree of similarity between two sentences, approaching or achieving near-identical content. 

eexact match.jpg

Possibly altered text

“Possibly altered text” sentences include cases where a moderate level of similarity between two sentences exists but with observable differences or alterations. This category is relevant for identifying sentences that may have been paraphrased, reworded, or undergone a substantial level of modification and have not been properly cited.

image (1).png

Sentence highlight - Marked as a quotation

The sentences that are marked as quotations indicate that the sentence closely resembles or matches existing sources, but have a proper citation in them thus categorizing them into quotations. Citations play a critical role in maintaining academic and professional integrity by crediting original authors and sources.


Sentence highlight - Removed highlight

One of the ways that the Planner can interact with the similarity report is to exclude sentences as not being plagiarism. 

The evaluator can exclude sentences from the Originality Report if deemed that way by clicking on the sentence and clicking on the button that says “Exclude sentence as the match”. Additionally, they also have the option to provide a reason for the exclusion, considering that it will decrease the level of originality as this sentence will not be considered part of the report anymore. 



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