How to request an Originality Report as a Planner

How to request an Originality Report as a Planner

To enable Originality Checking during a test, access the 'Security' tab found in the 'Setup' phase of test creation. Here is an option labeled 'Request Originality Report' which can be selected to trigger the Originality Report integrating originality checking into assessments.

Once the “Request Originality Report” option is selected, two options are also available. 

  • Original language
  • Translation


The “Original language” represents the language in which the submitted document or essay is written, with over 25 languages available for the algorithm to detect similarities within the same language. This means that the similarity checking will occur in the same language (i.e. English to English, Spanish to Spanish).

The “Translation” refers to the language selected by the Planner for checking the essay or uploaded assignment for translation similarities. With over 100 language pairs available, this feature offers evaluators greater flexibility in identifying similarities across languages. Notably, English is not a required language in these pairs, allowing evaluators to compare similarities between various languages (i.e. French to Spanish, Danish to Swedish)

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