Customization within Inspera

To customize the Visual and Login elements mentioned in this article, please reach out to our Service Desk. 



Candidate and Admin Login Page

You can customize the following elements:

  1. Tabs (show/hide)

    By default these tabs are disabled. When enabled, users are able to switch between the candidate login page and the admin page by clicking the corresponding tab. If not using tabs, Admin users will need to add /admin to the URL in order to access the Admin login page. 

  2. Logo

    Your institution's logo can be displayed here. If you choose not to have a logo, you will have a plain text title of your institution instead. The logo displayed here is also displayed to candidates in the header on the candidate report. 

  3. SSO Login text

    If using Single Sign-On (SSO), you can choose what text is displayed to candidates and admin users for the SSO login option. If you choose not to customize, the default text displayed is 'Login with X'. 

  4. SSO Login logo

    If using SSO, you can add a small logo on the SSO login option. Common choices are the institution's logo or the logo of the SSO provider. 

  5. Login help text

    This box is optional and as default will display the message 'Trouble logging in? Ask your teacher.' on the candidate login page and 'Trouble logging in? Contact a user administrator' on the admin login page. This area can be used to add details about privacy notices, terms and conditions, and/or links to support pages. 

  6. Background image

    The default background images are all Norwegian landscapes but these can be changed to images that better suit your institution. The background image for the candidate login page can be different from the image for the admin login page. Please note that as mentioned below, the image on the candidate login page will be visible on the candidate dashboard after the candidate has logged in. 

  7. Photo credit

    If you have a background image that requires photo credits, it is possible to add this in the bottom right corner of the login pages (for both Admin and Candidates). This can be removed if not necessary. 

Candidate Dashboard

The candidate login page and the candidate dashboard after login share the same background image.

  • To ensure legibility, the background image should avoid having light and busy images. 
  • The elements on the page consist of white text directly placed on the background and this text is not customisable. 

Technical constraints

Custom background image specifications for login pages

  • Minimum dimensions: 1000x800px
  • Maximum file size: 1000kb
  • Recommended file format: .svg or .jpg, but .png is allowed for images with few colors

Custom logo

  • Image dimensions: min. 360x100px recommended
  • File size of Image: max 100kb
  • File format: .svg, .png and .jpg format is accepted 

SSO logo

  • Image dimensions: max. 150x150px required
  • File size of Image: max 50kb
  • File format: .png and .jpg format is accepted  


Candidate login page


Admin login page

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