Assessment path open APIs

Note: All the changes should be reflected on the published OpenAPI doc.  “Inspera Open API” (https://{base-url}/apidoc)

Flag a given assessment run as an assessment path

A new boolean field isAssessmentPath is introduced to all GET endpoints (GET endpoints returning AssessmentRuns) exposed via "/test/" apis.

This new field is optional, but must be present and set to true in all assessment paths.

The POST requests (exposed via “/test/” apis) responsible for creating and updating AssessmentRuns should also use the same optional boolean field isAssessmentPath to declare whether the given AssessmentRun is an AssessmentPath or not.

Link a test to an assessment path as an Individual component

Add support to field parentId in all GET request endpoints exposed via “/test/” apis. This field should be included in child assessment runs only. As of now the system doesn’t support hierarchy of Assessment Paths. Therefore both isAssessmentPath=true and parentId != 0 should not exist in one AssessmentRun.

The same field parentId should be used in POST request endpoints responsible for creating and updating AssessmentRuns to link a test to an Assessment Path as a child or remove from one

Include other supported fields

Add support for following fields in all applicable GET and POST request endpoints exposed via “/test”.

gradingWeight should only be present for child AssessmentRuns of an Assessment Path.

shortDescription should only be present for Assessment Paths

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