Submit an improvement suggestion

Information: Improvements to the user experience are a continuous job for us here in Inspera. If you have an improvement to suggest, please submit an improvement suggestion request.


How to submit an improvement suggestion


  • After signing in to Inspera Help Center, select Improvement suggestions. See How can I submit a request to the Inspera Service Desk and follow my submitted requests? article for information on logging in to submit request. 
  • Provide detailed information, including 
    • CC Email address
    • Subject
    • Description
    • Who is the user with the problem? An author, a teacher, a planner, an invigilator, or maybe someone else?
    • Think of the user described above, how often do they encounter this problem?
    • How is the user affected by the problem and what consequences does it have for them?
    • What does the user do now to work around this problem?
    • Attachments
Tip: The more detailed information you provide from the start, the faster the request can be processed.


What happens after I submit an improvement suggestion?

Every suggestion is received in the system where we do research, analyze, and prioritize what Inspera is working on improving at all times. Unfortunately, we get too many suggestions to provide a response. Please follow our roadmap and release notes to see if your suggestion has been picked up. If a suggestion is relevant to what we are working on, you might be asked to provide more information if our product teams find it relevant.




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