Timed out warning in Monitor

Information: This feature is currently in Open Beta and requires activation by the service desk.

This is available for Invigilators.

Invigilators may need to check which candidates were active during the test but did not submit, as auto-submit is not possible during lockdown tests using SEB or Inspera Integrity Browser (previously Inspera Exam Portal) and they are redirected to the summary page at the end of the test.

Creating a filter that combines the candidate's progress status and the timed out warning will provide this overview for the invigilator. The invigilator can follow up with the candidates who have timed out and not submitted. 

Note that this is an administrative warning that is not indicating any issues with network connectivity on the candidate side.


When is the "Timed out" warning triggered

The warning is triggered when the candidate's end time is reached, or the test duration for the candidate has elapsed, both including any extra time given. 

The end time refers both to the test end time, or the individual deadline if one is set for the candidate. 

How to view the "Timed out" warning

Within the Monitor module, you can selectively view details of the candidate who have timed out but have not submitted the test.

View the progress status of candidates who have not submitted

  1. Select the Progress filter.
  2. Select every field, except Submitted, in the progress state filter.


View the warning status for a candidate who has crossed their Effective Test End Time 

  1. Select Warning > Timed out.


You can now view the "Timed out" warning under the Warnings column.



Known limitations

  • The warning will generally not be available when Auto submission is enabled on the test, but if the auto submit setting is set to allow the candidates to submit once during test window the warning is still in effect and may show in Monitor.
  • The warning will not be available when the candidate has been opened for resubmission.



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