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This is available for Authors.

Information: This feature is in closed beta. Please reach out to or the account manager you are in contact with, if you are interested in trying out this feature.

With Usage lists, you can see where and how different types of content have been used in various contexts.

We are implementing two scenarios within Usage lists:

  1. Usage of Questions in Sections
  2. Usage of Questions in Question Sets

What is Usage?

Usage refers to the ability to:

  • See if an item has been used in some other context
  • See how many times it has been used
  • See which context the item is in use within

See usage of a Question

1. Go to the Author module > Questions.

2. By the Question you want to select, click the checkbox > See usage.

  • Note: You can only view the Usage list of one question at a time.


3. From the Questions usage drop-down menu, you can view the usage of Questions in the following context:

  • Used in Sections
  • Used in Question Sets

4. To view where your Question has been used in the context of Sections and Question sets, click on the link(s) under Title.

Clicking on the linked Title will redirect you to the Section or Question Set in which the question is used.





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