You can troubleshoot system errors using the guide within this article. Please contact your institution if you require additional assistance.

System errors


Login configuration error



After completion - failed

Ensures correct sign-in option (SSO or one-time user)

  • A proxy server could be blocking traffic to Inspera. We suggest changing networks.
  • Ensure you are online/ connected to the internet.


Too poor connection quality



Connection quality - failure

Connection is not good enough

  • We suggest clicking Retry until IIB connects to a server.
  • If you are still unable to pass the check, close and open the software again or change networks.


Environment error



Environment - failure

  • Make sure you are not running IIB from within an external machine.
  • Try manually closing other applications running on your device. 


Not enough free memory



Memory Check – failure 

We recommend closing other applications on your system and clicking Retry.


Wrong application location



App location – failure (Mac only)

On Macs, when IIB is not installed and is instead run before installation, this is the message shown to the candidate.

  • Try moving IIB to the application folder on your device and relaunching IIB.

Note: This error occurs when launching IIB directly instead of completing the installation process. See screenshot below for example of of the IIB app situated outside of the Applications folder:



Failed to acquire full disk access



Full disk access - failure (Mac only)

When the relevant setting is enabled, this error message appears on Macs when IIB does not have the "full disk access" permission in the "Security and Privacy" settings”.


  1. Follow instructions on screen and provide full disk access to IIB. When prompted to close IIB, choose the option “Later” instead of “Quit and reopen”

  2. Click the “Retry” button in IIB.

If this does not resolve the issue then:

  1. Navigate back to the settings page for full disk access.

  2. Unselect and re-select IIB in the list. When prompted to close IIB, choose the option “Quit and reopen” instead of “Later”

  3. If the check fails again, then close IIB.

  4. Go back to the settings and remove the access provided.

  5. In the settings, provide access to IIB again.

  6. Restart mac

  7. Relaunch IIB and check if the issue is resolvedScreenshot_2022-03-21_at_13.44.04.png



Obsolete app version



App version - failure

If this "obsolete app version" message is displayed then the version of IIB being used is no longer supported for your exams. 

  • Contact your institution to request a more up to date version of IIB.
  • Uninstall the old version of IIB and then install the newer version


Clock accuracy error



Clock accuracy - failure

This error appears if your computer clock and global clock do not match. You may need to ensure that your clock is synched to the correct global time.

  • If you have manually set the time on your device, you may need to instead sync your clock with a global clock server. 
  • Try opening the date and time settings on your device and synching with the Windows or Mac Servers.
  • Sync the device clock with a new server. Inspera uses Google's NTP server:
  • You may need to allow access through the firewall: NTP is on port 123 and TCP & UDP.


Unsupported CPU



CPU features - failure

Your CPU doesn’t support SSE4.2 instruction set which is used by Inspera Integrity Browser. Please find another computer.


Incorrect number of screens



Number of screens - failure

An "incorrect number of screens" message is shown to the test taker.

  • Disconnect your secondary monitor and click Retry.
  • For Open IIB tests, you can re-connect the monitor after the system checks if desired.


Failed to retrieve process blocklist



Process blocklist - failure

Inspera Integrity Browser failed to retrieve process blocklist. Please try again.

Additionally, issues with network may cause this error. Please see Too poor connection quality

If the problem persists please contact your institution for support.


No external power supply



Power state - failure

When the relevant setting is enabled, this error message appears if you are not plugged into a power outlet / plug socket.

  • Plug your charger into your device and click Retry.




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