Troubleshooting - Features/tools not supported within Inspera Exam Portal

Note: This information is provided for Inspera customers. We strongly recommend that you create a contextualised user guide for your staff and candidates. Please feel free to use the text and images from our Help Center to check if it matches the setup of your Inspera tenancy.


The following features and tools are not supported within Inspera Exam Portal.



Opening a test for resubmission for the candidate is not supported within Inspera Exam Portal after the test end time has passed. 


Remote Desktop

Inspera Exam Portal cannot run within a remote session. 

  • If the candidate launches IEP while already on a remote session, the system checks will fail with the following message.
  • If the remote desktop session is started after the candidate has completed the System Checks, then, as expected, one can not remotely sit the test. IEP closes down with the following message and Monitor receives the relevant warning and device security flags.



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