Troubleshooting - Unable see an assessment in Inspera Exam Portal

Note: This information is provided for Inspera customers. We strongly recommend that you create a contextualised user guide for your staff and candidates. Please feel free to use the text and images from our Help Center to check if it matches the setup of your Inspera tenancy.


If a candidate is unable to see an assessment in Inspera Exam Portal, there are a number of checks that can be performed to determine whether it's a setup issue or an IEP issue.


Check 0 - Candidate check (Only relevant where you have multiple Inspera tenancies)

If you have multiple Inspera tenancies (eg and and have IEP activated on both, you will have multiple versions of the application. Ensure that the candidate is logging in using the correct version.


Check 1 - Candidate check

If the candidate has been enrolled into multiple assessments using Inspera Exam Portal, they might need to scroll down the list to find the relevant assessment.


Check 2 - Customer check

Has the candidate been added to the test? Click on the relevant assessment in the Deliver module. Scroll down to candidates and click, manage.


Once you click on manage, you'll be presented with a list of users registered for that assessment.


Ensure that the candidate has been registered for the assessment.  You can either search for their candidate ID in the search bar, or scroll through the pages of users.

If the candidate has been added and they are still unable to see the assessment, please perform the final check and raise a ticket with the Service Desk.


Check 3 - Candidate check: Logging in without IEP

Ask the candidate to log in without using IEP on your regular customer tenancy (eg using Google Chrome or similar. They can see but not start IEP assessments in this environment. When logging a ticket with us, it's useful to know if the candidate is unable to see the assessment in both environments (IEP and without) or just one.

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