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Note: This information is provided for Inspera customers. We strongly recommend that you create a contextualised user guide for your staff and candidates. Please feel free to use the text and images from our Help Centre to check it matches the setup of your Inspera tenancy.


Data collection

An Inspera Proctoring session will always create a log file per candidate.  This is useful if the candidate encounters difficulties to understand what happened during their assessment.  Depending on your tenancy configuration, Inspera can access log files centrally if they have been uploaded during an assessment.  Log files can always be obtained from the device on which an assessment was taken. For more information on how to obtain a log file, vist the Help Center article Where can I find local log files for Inspera Integrity Browser?

Depending on how you configure an Inspera Proctoring assessment, other data will be captured:

  1. Still images of the candidate and their identification document
  2. Video footage of the candidate and anything in the field of vision of their camera
  3. Audio
  4. Recording of the candidate's screen during the assessment 

Data access

Inspera is committed to privacy.  We do not give or sell proctoring data to third parties.

  1. Proctoring data can only be accessed by users with Planner or Chief Invigilator status who have been assigned as a collaborator on a particular assessment. 
  2. There is no customer ability to download the video or audio.  Where this is necessary, it can be arranged on a case-by-case basis with our service desk by creating a ticket. Note, this is only where there are playback issues.  We do not offer a general backup service.
  3. Still images of the candidate's identification documents can be downloaded by planners and chief invigilators.  We therefore recommend you have a clear data retention policy for users within your organisation to ensure data is not kept for longer than necessary.

Data retention

Your Data Processing Agreement with Inspera specifies a set retention period for all proctoring data.  We offer two options:

  1. Default - All proctoring data is deleted when grading is completed on an assessment
  2. Lifecycle - All proctoring data is deleted a set number of days after creation (eg: 90 days)

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