Overview - Inspera Exam Portal and Inspera Smarter Proctoring

Note: This information is provided for Inspera customers. We strongly recommend that you create a contextualised user guide for your staff and candidates. Please feel free to use the text and images from our Help Center though to check if it matches the setup of your Inspera tenancy.


Inspera Exam Portal (IEP)

Inspera Exam Portal is our in-house designed and built lockdown browser for use with an Inspera Assessment license.  (Note this is different to Safe Exam Browser (SEB), which is an open source application that can be used to lock down assessments but not proctor. SEB is not an Inspera product but can be used with Inspera Assessment).

Inspera Smarter Proctoring (ISP)

Inspera Smarter Proctoring is our in-house designed and built proctoring solution for use with Inspera Exam Portal and an Inspera Assessment license. Audio, screen recording, and a camera are all available proctoring tools in ISP.

The possible combinations therefore are:

  • Inspera Assessment alone: Suitable for assessments with no restrictions on the candidate. The computer on which they take their assessment is not locked down and there is no proctoring. 
  • Inspera Assessment + Inspera Exam Portal: Suitable for assessments where the candidate needs to be locked down to only be able to access their assessment and nothing else on the device they are using. Candidates are also prevented from copy/pasting content into or out of the lockdown environment. Further, they are prevented from taking screenshots of the assessment. 
  • Inspera Assessment + Inspera Exam Portal + Inspera Smarter Proctoring: Suitable for assessments where the candidate needs to be locked down and proctored. 

Proctoring solutions

We offer two different types of proctoring solutions within Inspera Smarter Proctoring:

  1. Record and review - proctoring data is available on a 5-minute delay, allowing invigilators to review recordings and follow up on suspicious behaviour if required. Available now to all customers. 
  2. Live proctoring - invigilators are able to proctor and communicate with candidates in real-time. Currently in closed beta. 

Both of these solutions can be configured to your specific requirements.

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