Moodle - Adding Inspera as an external tool (LTI 1.1)

This is available for Administrators.


You can add Inspera as an external tool within Moodle. The current setup in each VLEs varies slightly but consists of the same basic steps. The following gives information regarding Moodle. For information about other VLEs, please contact Inspera for further details. 

Inspera currently has to be added as an App to the VLE account. This is a one-time process and will require contacting Inspera to provide a Client Key and Shared Secret. Inspera can then be added as an app for all users, or to a specific module only. 

The first step in all instances is to make a request to Inspera for the Client Key and Shared Secret for your specific Inspera instance. After receiving the Client Key and Shared Secret from Inspera, you can begin setup within the VLE by going to the settings and adding Inspera as an external app. 


How to add Inspera to Moodle as a site-wide tool

1. Navigate to Site Administration > Plugins tab > Activity Modules


2. Scroll down to External tool > Manage tools


3. Once you have selected Manage tools, you will be able to manage new tools. Select Configure a tool manually.

  • This will allow you to now manually configure Inspera as an external tool within Moodle.


4. Configure your Inspera App

  • Tool name:  You can decide the name for your own internal reference
  • Tool URL: The Tool URL should be the URL set up for your institution followed by /ltiaccess 
  • Tool description: You can decide the description for your own internal reference
  • LTI version: Currently, we only support version LTI 1.1
  • Consumer key and shared secret: To be provided by Inspera
  • Default Launch Container: We recommend the option New Window for optimum user experience in Inspera

Click Submit to add the App.


Further Moodle information can be found here:


Workflows and practical steps

Teacher: How to create an Inspera assessment in Moodle

Once Inspera has been configured as a tool within Moodle, a teacher can add an Inspera assignment as an activity within Moodle.

1. The teacher or admin should navigate to the section where they want their assignment to be located and click Add an activity or resource.


2. Add an activity name.  The user should then select the relevant instance of Inspera Assessment from the drop-down list of pre-configured tools and this will negate the need to manually add a Tool URL.

3. Select the other settings as appropriate and select save.

Grades from Inspera on this assessment will be returned to Moodle. They will not pull in the final grade from Inspera, rather, the candididates' final result score will be returned to Moodle as part of the grade pass back.


A new item will now appear. Clicking on the item will take the user into Inspera, either through an embedded window or through a link as shown below.

Clicking this link will direct the Moodle teacher directly to that corresponding assignment within Inspera. If the Moodle teacher has not used Inspera before, then a new Inspera user will be created in Inspera. The teacher will receive the user roles of Author Planner, Grader, Reporter and will be able to be added as a user to other tests in those capacities. For subsequent tests, the teacher will log in again as the same Inspera user. This will allow the teacher to reuse questions from previous tests within new assignments. Inpsera recommends creating the exam papers in advance of setting up the assessment. 

The teacher can complete the entire exam creation process within Inspera and activate the test, before navigating back to Moodle. 

The Teacher will be able to use the Inspera Monitor tool to live monitor and interact with candidates when they login to the test. 


Note: Candidates will not appear in the monitor interface of Inspera until they have logged in and begun the test via Canvas. 


3.4 Candidate: How to access an Inspera assignment in Moodle

All candidates who have been assigned to an Inspera assignment within Moodle will be able to view this item within their Course page as long as it has been published by the teacher. When the exam is live, the candidate will be able to select the assessment and will be automatically logged into Inspera upon doing so. The candidate will instantly be assigned as a participant on that specific test. 


After the exam, the candidate will still be able to access their exam page and see any feedback, results, or exam papers that have been made available to the candidate by the Planner within the Deliver settings of Inspera. 


Return of Grades to Moodle/ Canvas

A feature that can be enabled is for the Inspera grades to be returned to the VLE. If enabled, then once marking is completed in Inspera and finalized, the synch will then pull the raw marks back into the VLE and display them in the format selected when the assignment was created. As mentioned above, grades can only be returned to the VLE when this is set up as an Assignment and not simply for a module item.

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