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LTI Learning Tools Interoperability - Support for digital learning, making learning tools/platforms work together.
LTI access payload LTI access payload allows Inspera to read all the information we need related to the integration. Anything sent from the LMS will be sent to the LTI access payload. LTI access payload is requested on behalf of Inspera Assessment and provides us with information from your system related to the integration.
VLE Virtual Learning Environment
LMS Learning Management System
Table 1: Terminology introduced within LTI documentation

Inspera Assessment (IA), a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for high-stakes tests, provides several ways of doing single sign-on and integrating with third-party services. 

This document discusses the integration provided using IMS LTI protocol, which is often used for formative testing or portfolio-type evaluations, initiated from the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)/LMS (Learning Management System). In the context of this document, we consider VLE and LMS as synonyms and will be using only the term VLE in the rest of the document.


LTI overview

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), is an educational industry standard that allows educational systems to communicate with each other. In this instance, the systems are Inspera’s Assessment platform and a VLE such as Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard. Users can log in with one single user role (in this case in the VLE) and will then also be able to use this account to access and interact with other systems (in this case, Inspera Assessment).


The Inspera LTI integration and how it works

In LTI terminology, Inspera Assessment is a Tool Provider, while the VLE is the Tool Consumer. To set up Inspera Assessment as a tool in a VLE, there is a key exchange step, followed by a set of administrative steps that vary from VLE to VLE. 

The LTI integration allows Inspera to be added as an app to the VLE. Inspera can then be used as an external tool and Inspera assignments can be created by teachers who access Inspera via the VLE. Similarly, candidates can access their exams in Inspera via the VLE. All of this means that the user only has to log in once, creating a smoother user experience.

This document outlines how to initiate Inspera as an external tool in the VLE along with the teacher and candidate workflows which this enables. Inspera’s LTI integration allows Inspera to be added as an App to a Course/Module in the VLE by an administrator. Users with a teacher role (or similar), can directly create Inspera tests, quizzes, and exams which can appear as either Module Items or Assignments within a course. Candidates can then view these upcoming Inspera assignments within their relevant module page and will be automatically enrolled in each assessment when they begin the test. Candidates can both see and log in to these Inspera assessments directly through the VLE. 


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