Ladok Integration

Notera: This article is due to be updated during July 2023. You will find the updated information if you switch to the Swedish version. Many thanks for your patience. 

This article talks about the integration between Ladok (The Swedish student information system) and Inspera Assessment using the AMQP1.0 LIS adapter.

Note: Information on how to set up the Ladok queue is available on the Sunet Wiki.


1. Inspera needs the following information from the customer

To set up a connection between the customer LADOK LIS adapter and Inspera Assessment, the customer has to send the following information:

  • Endpoint (host + part)
  • Queue name
  • Username
  • Password
Note: The customer must send information both for the reading queue (for exam information) and the writing queue (for result transfer). 


2. Setting up test owner in Inspera assessment

For tests made by the integration to be visible in IA, we need to have a planner/test owner connected to the test. If the customer is not sending this information as part of the Ladok payload, then we can set a default user and use that userID for all LADOK tests coming from queues:

  1. Create a “Ladok Integration” user on marketplace
  2. The user must at least have a Planner role
  3. Copy user id for this user (from the link in URL) and send it to Inspera

This means that all tests created using this integration will have this user as the owner. Any administrator in Inspera with Extended Access privileges will see the tests and will be able to add contributors.

Transfer of contributors is NOT part of this integration as LADOK does not have this information stored.


3. Customer action

For communication to be established, customers need to open for Inspera Assessment IPs for incoming traffic in their firewalls

For an overview over outgoing IP's see List of DNS names and IP adresses

Note: This can change in the future, so customers will need to update this from time to time. Check with the Integration team if IP is not working.

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