Inspera Standard Training


Inspera uses the train-the-trainer conceptWe help you establish a group of super users with good knowledge of Inspera Assessment and the different possibilities within the tool.

The super user group should be your first line of support for the rest of the organisation, fielding questions related to Inspera Assessment during and after the project. The group should have representatives from across your organisation, who can take responsibility for continually training new users in your organisation, such as:

  • Academics
  • Assessment administration / Exam office
  • Graders / Markers / Chief Markers
  • Invigilators / Proctors
  • IT department

Our team delivers an activity-based training programme with information and video resources of the different modules of Inspera Assessment, and followed up by live training sessions. Depending on what has been agreed in your contract, these could be either a Question and Answer (Q&A) session or four live training sessions for each module that are held online or on-site.


Inspera Standard Training

We offer our standard training to:

  • Help you get familiar with the four modules within Inspera Assessment
  • Support you to create better and more engaging tests
  • Help you manage your test delivery
  • Give you an overview of the product and the possibilities within it
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The Inspera Standard Training consists of two main parts:

  1. Inspera Onboarding Training Activities
  2. Live Training session(s) with your Onboarding Consultant
Note: The training session(s) consists either of a Q&A or four live training sessions, depending on the agreement in your contract.


Inspera Onboarding Training Activities

The Inspera Onboarding Training Activities are mandatory for all super users and are conducted in our dedicated training tenant ( 

This training is held in the form of step-by-step guides and contains activities including watching short videos, practicing using the system yourself, and reading information about the four modules of Inspera Assessment. The table below gives a short description of the modules within Inspera Assessment (IA):

Module Description Users Main user roles in Inspera Assessment*
Author Authoring and content creation of questions and question sets  
  • Academics
  • Content creators/designers

Test planning and delivery

If applicable: Inspera Proctoring (IP), and/or Inspera Originality (IO)

  • Assessment administration / Exam office
  • IT department
  • Academics

Monitoring of candidates and incident handling 

If applicable: Inspera Proctoring (IP)

  • Assessment administration / Exam office
  • Academics

Assessment administration and grading submissions

If applicable: Inspera Originality (IO)

  • Assessment administration
  • Markers / Graders
  • Chief markers
  • Academics

*Other roles also have access to some of the modules, we have listed the main ones above. See Role descriptions in Inspera Assessment for more information about our user roles. 


How long do the Inspera Onboarding Training Activities take?

Your super users can complete the activities at their own pace. We estimate needing 5 to 7 hours to complete the steps and activities, based on participants watching all of the videos (strongly recommended for customers with a Q&A session), conducting all of the steps and exercises, including reading the additional information on our Help Center. We recommend spreading these hours out over multiple days so as not to overload yourself with too much new information at once. As the steps and activities take several hours to complete, the participants can pause and resume as and when they like. Our only requirement is that the participants have worked through the material before the Training session(s)

More information about the activities can be found under: Conducting the Inspera Onboarding Training Activities


Preparations for the Inspera Onboarding Training Activities

To access our dedicated training tenant, you must send your Onboarding Consultant a list of all participants who will attend the training. Your Onboarding Consultant will then create test taker users for all participants on the training tenant, and provide login details and training information.

To conduct the Inspera Onboarding Training Activities, you must make sure that all super users have admin users in your system (tenant). As soon as your project team has access to the tenant, you can start to create admin users for the rest of the training participants (this is also something that your Onboarding Consultant can help you with if needed).

To begin with, we recommend that all participants have all the roles in the system, except Extended access, and possibly User Administrator, as these roles should be limited to a few users. You can easily change the user roles in the tenant when the Inspera Standard Training is finished. 

Note: Super users should continue to have all the roles since they are going to be your first line of support for questions related to Inspera.


Conducting the Inspera Onboarding Training Activities

All participants will be asked to log in as candidates to a dedicated training tenant for Inspera Assessment: In the Inspera Onboarding Training Activities, there are six exercises for the participants to complete:

  1. Authoring questions
  2. Create a question set
  3. Create a test using your question set
  4. Take a test as a candidate
  5. Get familiar with the Monitor module
  6. Get familiar with the marking tool and try to mark your own submission

The exercises are created by the Question type - Form, which is a non-marked question type, and have status boxes to help the participants to keep track of their progress. These exercises should be performed in your own tenant. 

Onboarding training tenant vs customer tenant.png

Each module has its own section containing some information about the module and short video tutorials that you can watch before/during the exercises. If you are attending a series of live training sessions there is no need to watch all of the videos as your Onboarding Consultant will go through much of the same.


Collect questions from participants

When you have completed the Inspera Onboarding Training Activities, the questions from all participants must be gathered and sent to your Onboarding Consultant at least two working days before your scheduled training session(s). 

The training session(s) will be customised based on the feedback and questions from the participants. 


Training session(s) with your Onboarding Consultant

The training session(s) consists either of a Q&A session or a series of live training sessions, depending on your agreement with us. If you have purchased the Enhanced implementation package, it usually comes with the four training sessions, one for each module in Inspera Assessment. If you haven't purchased this, there will normally be a Q&A session unless otherwise agreed in the contract. 

Information: It is possible to purchase additional training at any time during your project. For more information and prices visit the Inspera Assessment Service Catalogue (requires login). 


Q&A session

The Q&A session is intended for participants to get answers to the questions they have from the Onboarding Training Activities. If desired, the project group can also make requests for features or modules that you want to take a closer look at.

The Onboarding Consultant will answer all of your questions and run a short demo of each module in Inspera based on the questions from the participants. 

The session is normally set to 2 hours, but depends on feedback from the project group and the number of questions from the participants. 


Live Training sessions

The live training sessions will go through more challenging and advanced parts of the process of delivering digital assessments. The sessions are set up as four sessions, one for each module in Inspera Assessment, and will be adapted based on activated features/functionalities on your tenant and by feedback from your project group.

Content and duration:

Author Deliver Monitor Grade
Duration: 2 hours

Duration: ~1.5 hour

Duration: ~1.5 hour

Duration: 2 hours


  • Create questions
  • Create question sets
  • Share content 
  • Search and filter


  • Create an Inspera Assessment test
  • Test settings
  • Test templates
  • Demo tests
  • Inspera Proctoring*
  • Inspera Originality*
  • Moderation*


  • Monitoring candidates
  • Candidate progress
  • Actions in Monitor
  • Candidate experience
  • Inspera Proctoring*


  • Walk-through of the marking tool
  • How to mark (for graders)
  • How to overview the marking progress (for planners)
  • View originality reports (Inspera Originality)*
  • Moderation*

*If applicable. Please note that the duration may increase if included. 

Your Onboarding Consultant will dive deep into each module based on your needs and workflows, ensuring all attendees' questions are answered. During the sessions, there will be time for the participants to ask more questions and carry out more activities themselves, so that the participants can further explore the functions of the modules.


After training

After the Inspera Standard Training is finished, the participants and super users should be able to deliver on the preparation points for the Mock assessment and the planned first live assessment. Your super user group will also be the ones that should continue with the internal training of different user roles, features and functionality within Inspera Assessment. 

We are happy to share our training material with you. If desired, we can also import our question set used in Onboarding Training Activities, so that you can adapt it to your needs and reuse it for further training.


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