Answer key corrections

Information: This feature requires activation. Please contact the Service Desk to activate.

This is available for Planners and Graders

Answer key corrections allow Planners and Graders to correct wrong answer keys for multiple-choice questions within the Grading module. 



  • This feature is currently only available for Multiple Choice questions.
  • After marking is complete, you cannot change the answer key unless you reopen marking.
  • Students with confirmed grades will not have their grades automatically updated if a change in the answer keys happens after grading confirmation.
  • You can edit Multiple Choice questions before a test has closed and during the marking process.
  • Key corrections cannot be made if a candidate is still in progress, or if they have started the exam but did not submit. To work around this, submit a test on behalf of a candidate.

Known issues and limitations

  • Limitation: If the question is set up with marks per alternative it is not eligible for answer key corrections. This is noted in the interface in the marking tool.
  • Issue: The key correction interface for the player is not currently displaying the correct answer preview.

How to edit answer keys

Answer key corrections can be made from the Options menu, Questions workspace, and Marking workspace.

Options menu

  1. Select the Options menu.
  2. In the Options menu, Under Settings, select Edit answer keys (MCQ).



Questions workspace

  1. In the Workspaces menu, select Questions.
  2. On the MCQ you want to change, click Options mceclip0.png.
  3. Select Edit correct answer.


On the MCQ you want to change, right-click on the question and select Edit correct answer




Marking workspace

  1. In the Workspaces menu, select Marking.
  2. Hover over the marking header and click Options mceclip0.png.
  3. Select Edit correct answer



How to update the answer key

Answer key settings

Once you've selected Edit correct answer, the Answer key settings page will open.

  1. Select the question you want to edit by clicking on the Question drop-down.
    • Tip: You can preview the question by scrolling to the bottom of the page, under Select one alternative.
  2. Select your alternative. The previous answer is highlighted in green.
  3. Click Update.
  4. To revert your changes, select Revert changes.



Note: When you change the answer in the Answer key, it will also update the question using the new, altered answer. The answer key creates a new revision, and whoever updates to the new revision will use the latest version of the question. 



Q: How do Authors know if the Answer Key has been updated?

Under Recent events, a notification will inform the Authors that there is a new revision. Authors will have the option to Preview revision. 

Q: What happens to other tests that contain a question changed within an Answer Key?

Tests that contain a question with an altered answer will prompt a warning message in the Test Setup, but only before the test has been activated. Planners can choose between using the updated version or the old version.




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