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This is available for candidates.

Once activated by your institution, Candidate reports will be generated after the final grade has been confirmed, allowing candidates to log back into Inspera Assessment to view their marks and any comments from graders.


Accessing Candidate reports

Candidate reports will be available to you after your test has been submitted and graded.

  1. Log back into Inspera Assessment and login using your credentials.
  2. In the Archive tab, navigate to your test.
  3. Click See more details.


Candidate report Content

Click Candidate report.


  1. In Candidate reports, quickly navigate through the report by clicking on the Comments or Marks links.
  2. In Comments, you will find comments / feedback on questions or answers left by graders.
  3. In Marks, you will find the following information:
    • Number - This is the number of the question.
    • Question name - This is the question name.
    • Response - This shows whether or not you submitted an answer for the question.
    • Marks - This shows how many marks you received for the question.
    • Maximum marks - This shows the maximum marks for each question.
    • Question type - This shows the type of question.












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