Transfer appeals grades to FS

Available for Planners, and only available for customers with an integration with FS (Felles studentsystem).

Note that transfer of appeals grades to FS requires activation.

Transfer of appeals grades happens when the grade set in Inspera is made available for FS, and FS collects the grade. This is different from transferring grades for the primary grading round, where Inspera sends the grades when the planner clicks the button to transfer. For the appeals grade to be made available for FS, the planner must verify the grade.

How to verify appeals grade?


  • The committee workflow is set to confirm each candidate individually. This enables continual transfer of appeals grades.
  • The grader has assigned and confirmed a final appeals grade.

Steps for planner:

  1. If you want to verify grades for one specific test, open the candidate list from the test overview page. If you want to verfiy appeals grades across several tests, you can open Monitor.
  2. Choose the standard list Appeals from the panel on the left. This will open a standard set of columns and filters.

    In this list you will get an overview of candidates that are assigned to appeals committees.

    For those candidates where the grader has assigned and confirmed an appeals grade, the column Final grade will have content. If the column is empty, the grader has not confirmed any grade yet.

    The Grade verification column shows the following content:
    • N/A: The grader has not confirmed the final appeals grade yet, and there is nothing for the planner to confirm.
    • Not reviewed: The planner can verify the appeals grade, but has not yet done so.
    • Verified: The planner has verified the appeals grade, which is now made available to FS.
    • Not verified: The planner has reviewed the grade, but does not want to make it available to FS, e.g. in cases where the planner suspects an error in the grading process.

  3. Choose the candidate(s) that you want to verify the appeals grade for.
  4. If you want the appeals grade to be made available to FS, select Verify grade
    Alternatively, you can select Refute grade to indicate that the grade is reviewed, but not verified. By selecting this option the grade will not be collected by FS, but there are no other consequences.

  5. When the appeals grade is verified, the Grade verification column will be updated to contain the value Verified. This action triggers a webhook that FS is listening to. FS will collect the grade from Inspera, along with information about the grader(s) who confirmed the grade and the planner who verified the grade, and the appeals grade is updated in FS.


Important information:

  • For the appeals grade to be transferred, FS requires information about the grader(s) in the relevant appeals committee, and the planner who verified the grade. The Inspera users have to match the users in FS for the transfer to be successful. The process contains a check for matching information, specifically the FS løpenummer which is registered both in FS and Inspera. If no match is found, another check is done on the Feide username. If no matches are found at all, the transfer will fail and an error will be shown in FS.
  • If the grading is re-opened you can still verify the appeals grade once confirmed again. When re-opening grading in an appeals committee, the planner will be notified that this action does not block another grade verification. 
  • If a grade is verified by mistake, please correct the grade manually in FS.

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