Item bank - information for closed beta participants

We are introducing Item Banks to support institutions' need for maintaining control of their test assessment content, as well as allowing authors to better organize their content. Think of Item Banks as a folder system where access is controlled centrally and the content with an Item Bank is automatically shared with all users who are members of the item bank.

Information: This feature is currently in Closed beta and only available for invited customers with test accounts. 


What to expect when Item Bank is enabled

As a planner with extended access, you will see a new dropdown when hovering over the Author module. Item banks are not automatically created.

Authors will see the same dropdown, but without the option to create new bank. 


Further instructions can be found here:

Item Bank Creation

Populate an Item Bank with content


What is required to get access to existing content outside item banks?

You will notice when item banks are first enabled on your test account that everyone will lose visibility of existing content. This does not mean that the content is lost at all, but there are two requirements for visibility of the existing content. 

  1. Users with access to the author tool must be a member of at least one org.unit.

  2. Users with access to the author tool must have access to at least one item bank within their org.unit(s).

Once the two requirements are fulfilled, the user will have access to all content they previously had access to. 

This is an improvement area. We are looking into how to make content available outside of item banks when the user does not have access to any item banks, or is not a member of any org.units. 




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