Note: We are currently in the process of revising and updating the public roadmap. When this process is completed, new links to the public roadmap will be presented on this page.

We are constantly working to provide you with additional transparency and insight into the product changes we are prioritizing to meet your assessment needs. The roadmap in combination with our Release notes is to provide transparency and predictability on long and short-term product improvement efforts.


Q3 (July - September)

Features with Development Finished or Near Completion:

Features in Progress or ‘Next Up’:

  • Offline Workflows:
  • Interface Accessibility:
    • Accessibility remediations - candidate interfaces.
  • Updated Candidate Interface:
    • Updated Candidate Dashboard.
    • Multiple Attempts feature.
    • Assessment Pathways.
  • Administrative Accessibility:
    • Accessibility remediations - instructor and administrator interfaces.
Information: Select Open Beta capabilities will be released to general availability once they have reached suitable quality and readiness thresholds.

Q4 (October - December)

Planned High-Level Deliverables:

  • Candidate Experience Improvements:
    • One way navigation.
  • Accessibility Improvements:
    • Continue candidate interface accessibility enhancements (ADA Section 508 and WCAG 2.2).
    • Continue instructor interface accessibility enhancements (ADA Section 508 and WCAG 2.2).
  • Language & Integration:
    • Improved language translation processes.
    • LTI 1.3 configuration documentation.
Information: Closed Beta and Open Beta capabilities will be released as they become ready.

This roadmap organizes the product development goals into quarters (Q3 & Q4) with key feature areas segmented under each timeframe. Each feature area includes the main features or improvements planned or in progress.


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