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Available for Planner and Grader

This article applies to the new marking tool.

The details panel contains event logs related to the test, candidate or question. The details panel can be expanded from the right side of the screen in the grading module, regardless which workspace you are in, and it is meant to provide the user with easier accessible information on current candidate, question, or test without having to navigate to a different workspace.



Open the details panel

The Details panel may be opened by clicking the details button in the upper right corner (always visible regardless what workspace you are in). The details panel can be hidden by clicking the same button again.

Click the top right details button to open and close the details panel. 


When open, the details panel will be displayed at the right side of the screen. By clicking the top drop down, choose to view details about:

  1. Test (default)
  2. Candidate
  3. Question


The test name and progress of the test (for example Marking in progress...) will be displayed at the top, with a grey background. You can also see the number of events.


Log events in the Details panel

The log events are listed with information about:

  1. who took action, or if it is a Notification, Heads up, or Warning
  2. to what the action was made (e.g. "A Test Name" if that is the name of the test)
  3. what action (e.g. "Confirmed marking" or "Previewed question set")
  4. date and time of the action


In the example above, the test name is "A Test Name", and all actions are in this case done to that specific test. Some actions are made by a person, and one log event is a Notification. 


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