Submission feature

This is available for Graders and Planners.

You can view the candidate's submissions in the Marking, Results, and Explanations Workspaces. This article will give an overview of the tab functionality within the Marking Workspace. 


Answer tab


In the Answer tab, you can preview the candidate's submitted answer. On automatically marked questions, you can see what the candidate has answered, as well as the result (right/wrong). On manually marked questions you only see the submitted answer.

Show question text in the answer

By default, only the answer is visible in this tab, which means the question itself is not visible. However, you can click “Show question text in answer tab” in the upper right corner (see image below) if you would like to see both the question and answer together.


(Answer tab default look in example of inline question type. You can press the top right button in order to show the question text in the answer tab.)

(Answer tab with “Show question text in answer tab” activated.)

This setting of showing or hiding the question text in the answer tab is remembered when going to the next question or candidate. However, if you exit the grading module, or log out of Inspera, this setting will go back to default; the question text is hidden from the answer tab.

See and write comments and annotations

The speech bubble shows whether there are annotations and/or comments on the question itself, or on the candidate's answer to the question. The number next to the speech bubble shows how many annotations and/or comments that has been written.


To view the annotations, click on the speech bubble (1) (if you are not already on that tab) and then the right arrow (2). Read the article "Annotations and page notes in Marking 2.0" for more information about that.


Question tab


In the question tab, you can view the question as it looked like for the candidates. Whether the answer is visible in this view or not may vary, and it depends on what type of question it is.

On automatically marked questions the following is visible in the question tab:

  • The question
  • The answer alternatives (if applicable)
  • The correct answer (marked with green text or green checkmark)
  • The candidate's result (not necessarily the candidate's answer)

On manually marked questions the following is visible in the question tab:

  • The question


Attachment tab


In the Attachment tab, you can see any attachments to the submission. If there is no attachment you can not click on the attachment tab.

If an attachment has been attached to a candidate submission via Monitor, it will be visible under the attachment tab for each question in the test for that particular candidate. Even if you move on to the next question via the footer, the same attachment will be visible for that candidate.




Similarity tab


In the Similarity tab, you can view or order similarity reports. This feature requires activation and a separate agreement with a provider of anti-similarity reports (usually Urkund).




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