Workspace side panel

Available for Planner and Grader.

The workspace side panel is located on the left hand side in Grade. This side panel makes it possible to navigate between different workspaces while marking. You choose a workspace by clicking on the name of the workspace.

Workspaces available for Planner:

  • Overview
  • Results
  • Marking
  • Explanations overview
  • Explanations
  • Appeals overview
  • Help and support
  • Edit workspaces

Workspaces available for Grader:

  • Overview
  • Marking
  • Results
  • Explanations
  • Getting started

For more information about each workspace read the article Description of standard workspace setup for planners and Description of standard workspace setup for graders.


The workspace side panel is possible to hide by clicking “Hide”


and to get back from hiding by clicking “Workspaces” to the left



Edit workspaces (for planners)

The planner can edit what workspaces are visible in the Workspace side panel for Planner himself, Grader and Reporter. This can be useful for several reasons, for example if you do not work with Explanations on your institution, it can be hidden.

To edit what workspaces are visible, click “Edit workspaces” in the workspace side panel to the left. Then, choose what role you want to edit for; Planner, Grader or Reporter. In the dropdown menus choose from “Visible” (default for all workspaces), “Hidden” and “Visible from date and time”.  



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