How to use GeoGebra as a resource

The difference between this GeoGebra resource and having a custom GeoGebra file as a resource is that this resource gives the candidates access to all the tools in GeoGebra. In addition, the possibility for candidates to access local files on their device and redirect to other links has been removed.




GeoGebra as a resource

In this video, Karina discusses the new features in GeoGebra and how you can use GeoGebra as a resource / tool in a question set.

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What is GeoGebra and why use it

GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Visit GeoGebra's webside for more information.

By adding GeoGebra as a resource, the candidates gain access to the following applications: 

  • Calculator Suite
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Geometry
  • 3D Calculator
  • GeoGebra Classic
  • CAS Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Probability Calculator
  • Spreadsheet

With the GeoGebra link as a resource, candidates can use all the tools above that provide access to calculation and modeling to get to the final answer on the question(s). 

Note: To use GeoGebra as a resource, it is an advantage if the candidates are familiar with GeoGebra.


Example of using GeoGebra as a resource

If the candidates are to solve a question using symbolic calculations, they can use the CAS Calculator in GeoGebra to get the answer. The candidate then make the calculations in the GeoGebra resource and write the final answer into the question itself.

If you want the candidates to show some of the calculations they have done together with filling in the final answer, you can combine the question type Math Working and Math Entry / Number Entry in a Composite question typeUtregning_6_EN.png


Note: By using GeoGebra as a resource the grader won't see what the candidates have done in GeoGebra. Any work in the resource will not be saved, and cannot be submitted along with the rest of the submission.


How to add GeoGebra as a resource

  1. In the question set, click Show resources in the right lower corner.
  2. Click Add resource and select URL.mceclip0.png
  3. Paste or type in the link to the resource and give it a name. 

Click here to access the GeoGebra link.

This link has English as the default language. If you want to have other languages as default replace the code "en" at the end of the link. The codes for the supported languages are:

Danish (da), German (de), English (en), Spanish (es), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Icelandic (is), Dutch (nl), Polish (pl), Norwegian (no), Russian (ru) and Swedish (sv). 


Candidate experience

The GeoGebra resource will be available to the candidates under the navigation bar throughout the test.mceclip3.png


The animation below shows what the GeoGebra resource looks like.2020-08-06_10h35_21.gif

When the candidates open the resource in SEB, this will appear as a window on the right side of the test.

Candidates can also navigate between languages by clicking the language drop-down menu at the top of the page.


Note: If a candidate closes the resource, the work done in it will disappear for the candidate.


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