Open for resubmission

Available for Planners and Chief invigilators.

If required for any reason, the planner or chief invigilator can open for resubmission for a candidate. This option will enable the candidate to edit and submit their answers after they were originally submitted, or after the test has ended.

Note on Inspera Integrity Browser

Opening a test for resubmission for the candidate is not supported within Inspera Integrity Browser after the test end time has passed.


How to open a test for resubmission

  1. Select any candidate in the candidate list in Monitor and click on Resubmission in the action banner.

This will present you with a few options, which we will go through in more detail below. Availability of these different options may vary depending on what stage the test is in (active, finished, etc). 


Information: It is not possible to open resubmission for a candidate if grades have been marked as confirmed on a test. If some marking has taken place on a test, but grades have not been confirmed, it is still possible to open resubmission for any candidates that haven’t yet been marked.



1. Do not allow candidate to resubmit

When selecting this for a candidate that is already open for resubmission, two other options will be shown.


Both of these options will close resubmission for the candidate, ensuring that they cannot edit their answers further.

  • Submit current version
    This will submit the most recent version of the candidate’s answer, including everything the candidate did after the submission was reopened.
    Tip: If you want to submit on behalf of the candidate, you can use this option. If the candidate has an answer stored, the answer will be submitted when you select Submit current version. Read more here about how to resubmit on behalf of the student. 
  • Submit reverted version
    This will restore the submission to the version that was originally submitted.
    If the candidate did not submit, the status will not change to submitted when using this option. 


2. Allow candidate to submit within test window

There are no further options appearing if this is selected. By selecting this, the candidate will be able to continue the test within the test window. This is the correct option to use if the candidate has submitted by mistake. The option is not available if the test end time has passed.

The test window may vary between candidates depending on extra time, duration, or any individual deadlines set. The candidate will have the same end time as before they submitted.


3. Allow candidate to resubmit

Selecting this will show the first two options if the test is still active, and all three options if the test is finished.


  • No time limit
    If this is selected, the candidate can continue editing their answers indefinitely.
    To close resubmission manually, select the candidate in the candidate list, click on the Resubmission action, and use the option "Do not allow candidate to resubmit". To make sure the latest revision of the answers is submitted, select Submit current version.

  • Close resubmission at date and time
    Set the date and time for when you want the resubmission to close. Resubmission will automatically close at the selected time. 

    If the test is set up with auto submission, it will be submitted automatically at the selected date and time.

  • Close resubmission in X minutes from now
    Only available if the test end time has passed.

    Set the number of minutes that the candidate should get to resubmit. Resubmission will automatically close after these minutes have passed, counting from the moment you press "Update" to implement the changes of resubmission for the candidate.

    If the test is set up with auto submission, it will be submitted automatically after the selected number of minutes has passed.

    This option adds extra time to the candidate, and the calculation of extra time will be shown below.



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