Question type - Audio record


Manually marked question. 

The question is answered by recording audio that is recorded directly into the question.  

Information: This question type is in BETA and requires activation. Supported in Chrome and Edge browsers.
Note: The question type needs access to the microphone and therefore cannot be used with Safe Exam Browser (SEB).

Audio record is a question type where candidates can record audio and listen to the recording before the question is submitted. It is also possible to take a new recording if the candidate is not satisfied with the first recording. 


In the question's edit mode, you can do the following:


1. Replace text with desired question text.

2. Add math (LaTeX), files, tables, links, PDF, images and / or audio clips to the question text.

3. Set general options for the question type. Read more about general options for questions


Specific options

By clicking on the interaction element gives you the specific options for the question type. 


Prompt: Write an explanation text for the question. The text will appear in the workspace. "Upload your file here. Maximum one file" is set by default.


Candidate experience


The candidate can record audio by clicking the microphone icon. The recording can be stopped by clicking the Stop button. After the candidate has recorded its answer, he / she has the opportunity to to listen to the recording before submitting the answer.

If the candidate wants to record a new recording over the first one, he / she can click the microphone icon again. The new recording will then be played over the original. 


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