Publishing restrictions

In the candidate list/monitor, when selecting a candidate, one of the available options is to set a publishing restriction date. The field is a date picker, and the purpose of this field is to include information about when publishing restrictions are lifted for a specific submission. 

Publishing restrictions are more common on thesis submissions (e. g. Master and Bachelor).

If a date is set in Inspera Assessment, it will be included in the API output for that submission. The date is included for any third party systems to process.

Note that the date has no functional  impact in Inspera Assessment, but it can be utilised by any third party system that uses our APIs to collect information.


Set, change, and clear a publishing restriction date

Publishing restrictions can be set by planners and users with extended access.

Find and select the candidate in the candidate list or in monitor. Choose Publishing restrictions in the actions menu:


Set the date using the date picker:



Change the date by clicking on the already set date and select a new date.

Clear the date by clicking on Clear.



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