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This is available for Authors.

In Inspera Assessment, all question types can contain inserted files. When a file is inserted into a question, it becomes available to the candidate for downloading through a link.

If all file types are selected, then the Author can upload any file type. If it is not listed in our internal supported types, it will be downloaded with a .dta extension, which the user can then manually modify.

Information: There are security concerns when using SEB and inserted files, such as candidates gaining access to browse the internet when using files such as Excel and Microsoft. It is not recommended that you insert files without testing them. We recommend the method of inserting the files as a PDF panel, main illustration, additional resource, video, or audio clip, depending on the file format.

To learn more about the security concerns associated with SEB and certain file types, visit the Help Center article SEB Options for Computer Labs.

How to insert a file into a question

1. In the question's edit mode, place the cursor where you want the download link for the attachment to be (1) and click mceclip0.png attachment in the toolbar (2). mceclip0.png

2. In the following dialog box, click Browsemceclip1.png

3. Find and select the file you want to attach.

4. In the Link text field, type the text that the link should consist of.  When you are finished, click Insertmceclip2.png

5. The file is now added to the questions as a download link. mceclip3.png


Tip: Preview the question to ensure that the link appears and functions as intended.

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