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This article describes functionality that is available for planners.


When are invitation e-mails sent?

When you activate a test for the first time, the graders will get an e-mail with an invite to mark the test.

You can deactivate and activate the test as many times as you like, the invite will only be sent the first time. 

When you invite new graders as contributors on the test you can choose to send the invitation e-mail at the same time:



Can I see if a grader has been invited?

Yes, this is visible for planners in the classic marking tool. In Marking 2.0 you will be able to send a new invitation through the committee selector, but not see whether the grader is invited or not. 

To see the invitation status, open the test in the classic marking tool and expand the Contributor section:


In this section you can see role, name, invitation status for graders, and e-mail address to the contributors on the test.

Invited means that an e-mail has been sent to the grader. Not invited means that the grader has not received an invitation e-mail. In both cases, you can send the invite from here. 

You can also send invites from the committee selector in Marking 2.0.


What does the invitation e-mail look like?

The e-mail contains both a Norwegian and an English version. In the e-mail there will be information about the name of the test, and who invited the grader.

A link to log in is provided, and this link will send the grader directly to the test after logging in.

At the end of the e-mail the name of the planner(s) on the test will be included, along with their e-mail address. 


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