Override automatically calculated marks (Marking 2.0)

Available for Grader.

If necessary, you can override marks on automatically calculated questions in a test while marking.

This function supports the following:

  • Decimals are allowed.
  • Negative marks are allowed.
  • Max marks are limited to the max marks set by the question author.
  • Marks override can be reset.

The maximum marks defines the highest possible number of marks a grader may give to a candidate's answer in the marking tool. The grader can not override marks to a higher value than the one set by the author.



  1. Click Override in the workspace Marking.1_Overstyr_EN.png

  2. Set new marks, and click Apply. It is not possible to override marks higher than maximum marks set by the author.

  3. A confirmation of the override will appear on the page, also with a yellow line at the top of the panel. 2_Overstyr_EN.png

  4. You can change the marks you have set by clicking Edit. To reset the override, click Use calculated.


Questions where automatic marks are overridden will also appear in bold in the question list on the Results workspace.


Note: Bold also applies to manually marked questions. 


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