Non-anonymous candidates - before test


Information: This feature does not apply to one-time candidates.

How anonymization works depends on how Inspera is set up in your institution. The feature requires an integration with a student information system (FS, PCG), and/or that your candidates use a SSO (Single sign on, e.g. Google, Microsoft) to sign into Inspera. The option is not available on the test if the prerequisites are not met.

Requires activation: This feature is only visible if enabled for your institution. Please check with your local Inspera admin.

The default setting is that candidates are anonymous, meaning the names of the candidates will not be visible at any point. However, in some cases it is possible to choose non-anonymized candidates.

First name and Last name are then synchronised from the student information system, or from the information available from the SSO provider. Planners, invigilators and graders can see the candidates' real names during the entire process of the test.

Candidates who uses SSO to sign in, and then sign up to tests with a test code will also by default be anonymous.


Enable non-anonymous candidates in the test settings

  1. Create a test.

  2. In the Test setup, general settings, select Non-anonymous.


    • For FS tests, the first name and last name are imported from FS along with the candidate ID.
    • If using test code, a students name will appear in the system after the student has entered the test code.

  3. In the candidate list you will see the candidates' name, and a candidate ID in brackets.
    The candidates names will also be visible to invigilators, chief invigilators, planner and grader.
Note: If the name is provided by the SSO, it is not possible to enable this setting later. The candidates will remain anonymous until the grading is completed. After the grading is completed, you can choose to show the real names of the candidate if it is enabled on your account.



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