Guide - confirm by candidate

How to confirm grade for individual candidates

When you have completed marking a candidate and want to share your grade with co-graders, you can do that from the Overview workspace.


There are three steps in the process:

  1. Share your grade
  2. Align grade
  3. Confirm final grade

Steps 1 and 2 only apply for private marking and results alignment.


If you share the marking, you can skip step 1 and 2, mark your candidate the usual way, ang go directly to step 3 to confirm.

1 - Share your grade

To share your grade with co-graders, click on the Share button. 


This will open an overlay where you will be asked to confirm that you want to share your grade, what sharing means, and who your grade will be shared with.


If you have shared your grade, but your co-graders have not, the workflow column will say Pending all to share, and there are no active buttons. Co-graders cannot see your grade before they have shared their own.



2 - Align grade

When all graders have shared their grade, the workflow status column will indicate whether there are any conflicts. A conflict is when you and your co-grader(s) have set different grades on the candidate.

Click on the Align button to resolve any conflicts.


An overlay will appear, where you can align the grade.


3 - Confirm final grade

When the conflict is resolved, or there are no conflicts, you can confirm final grade. Click on the Confirm button.


If all graders are required to confirm, the workflow status column will now show Pending all to confirm, and there are no active buttons.

Marks and grades are locked for further editing when all graders have confirmed. Comments and explanations will still be editable.

The grading protocol will be made available once all candidates in the committe are confirmed. 

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