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Inspera Assessment supports multiple language versions of each question and question set. This allows you to easily create and present question sets in the candidate's own language. 

This article covers how to translate both question sets and questions:

Note: It is important that the question set in the original language is 100% complete before it is translated into multiple languages. After a question set has been translated into a second language, it is no longer possible to add or remove interactions to the questions. This is to ensure that the questions/question set is formally the same, independent of language version. 


Translate Question Sets

1. In the question set's edit mode, the language settings are at the top center. When the original version of the question set is 100% complete, click on the cogwheel icon to change language settings:Spr_kinnstillinger_EN.png


2. Select the language you want the question set to be translated into:Spr_kinnstillinger_2_EN.png


3. The language versions currently selected for the question set will be visible as tabs. The selected version will appear in the questions below.

After a new language version is activated, a copy of all the questions will be created, with original text. These questions must be translated. 

As long as a question in a question set is not translated, it will be marked "Not translated" in the view:Spr_kinnstillinger_3_EN.png


4. Click the question you want to translate. In the question's edit mode, translate the question text (1), prompt (2), and any answer alternatives (3):Spr_kinnstillinger_4_EN.png

Only text should be translated. Marks, illustration and interaction should be the same across the language versions. When the translation is done, click Save, and navigate to the next question which is going to be translated.

Note: If a PDF panel has been added to the question, it must be added to all language versions. This also applies if the PDF is the same in all language versions. 


Translate Questions (individual)

1. In the question's edit mode, the language settings are in the top center. When the original version of the question set is 100% complete, click the cogwheel to change language settings:Spr_kinnstillinger_5_EN.png


2. Select the language you want the question to be translated into and click Save.

 Notice the warning (highlighted in yellow): Spr_kinnstillinger_6_EN.png


3. Once saved, the question's new language version is added and will be enabled in the top center of the question's edit mode:Spr_kinntillinger_7_EN.png



4. You are now ready to translate the textual content of the question (question text, instruction and any answer alternatives). If you have uploaded a PDF panel, it must be added to all the language versions. 

See also point 4 under Translating Question Sets

Tip: Remember to do a quality check. Preview all language versions by previewing the question / question set


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