Manually marked question.

Question that is intended for shorter text answers without formatting options.

Text Area is a question type where the candidates can write shorter text answers of the plain text type into a text area. This means that the candidates do not have the opportunity to, for example, make words bold, make bullet lists or insert tables, special characters or formulas. 


In the question's edit mode, you can do the following: 


1. Replace text with desired question text.

2. Add math (LaTex), files, tables, links, PDF, images and / or audio clips to the question text.

3. Insert more interaction elements by pressing +Insert.


4. Set general options for the question type. Read more about general options for questions


Specific options

Clicking on the interaction element gives you the specific options for the question type.


1. Prompt: Write an explanation text for the question. The text will appear in the workspace above the text area. "Fill in your answer here" or "Enter text here" is set by default. 

2. Size: Select the size of the text area (interaction element) that the candidates will type in. 

  • Set initial number of text lines: How many lines the text area displays / contains in the viewport.
  • Expand automatically: The text area expands automatically when the candidate writes over multiple lines.
Note: If the candidate writes more lines than what is set in the number of text lines, and expand automatically is not set, the candidate must scroll in the text area to read the entire text. The candidate can also expand the field by click and drag on the marked bottom right corner of the text area.
  • Width: Width of the text area. Possibility to change value and unit (percent or pixels). 100 percent is set by default. 


Example 1: 4 lines of body text, not expand automatically.



Example 2: 4 lines of body text, expand automatically.



3. External identifier: For information on external identifier, read general options for questions



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