Available for Planner (and Grader).

When a test is created, you can add a mark scheme. The mark scheme is an instruction to the grader on how to mark submissions in Inspera Assessment. Adding a mark scheme is optional.

This guide is written by the study institution itself.

Note: If a planner does not add a mark scheme, the grader can do so in the Grading tool


How to add Mark scheme to a test

When creating a test

1. Select Assessment settings.

2. Press Upload document next to Mark scheme.



3. Locate the file locally on your computer and select it. 

4. The mark scheme will be associated with the test and will have the same name as the file name:


You can download, remove or replace the file if desired.

Note: Although it is possible to upload other file types such as Word or Excel, we recommend uploading the mark scheme as PDF. 


Grader display

Once a mark scheme has been added, it will be available to the grader in the Grading tool.


 Graders can replace the mark scheme by clicking the refresh buttonmceclip1.png.

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