What is InsperaScan?


In many cases, hand drawings on paper are an important part of the candidate's exam completion, and InsperaScan lets your candidates deliver drawings on paper, in an otherwise digital workflow.

InsperaScan is a third-party scanning software provided by CADA that works on most available scanners. It allows the institution’s candidates to complete an assessment partially or even fully on paper, while still keeping the rest of the examination, marking and feedback process digital. 

InsperaScan allows institutions to digitize test submissions that candidates may find difficult to produce purely on-screen, such as electrical drawings, mind maps, math workings, pictures, etc. 

InsperaScan is integrated within Inspera Assessment and can easily be activated on the test level at a click of a button. 

Using InsperaScan consists of a few simple steps:

  1. The Planner activates the scan option on the given test.
  2. The Candidate writes the unique scan code (provided by Inspera Assessment), on the sketch sheet papers. The Candidate then draws or writes on the papers as a part of the submission.
  3. The Administrator scans the sketch papers in bulk, in which they can do in any order, and even in a mixture of different tests.
    • The scans will automatically be mapped to the correct candidate.
  4. The Markers view the drawings together with the rest of the Candidate submissions. 
  5. The Candidate can view drawings as a part of the submission after grading.

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