Invigilator Password

Available for Planners and Invigilators / Chief Invigilators.


Invigilator Passwords can be set by the Planner on both Safe Exam Browser (SEB) and Open Browser tests.


The purpose of the Invigilator password is:

  • to help a candidate to exit SEB during the exam
  • to help a candidate who has to start SEB two or more times on the same test
  • to help a candidate who wants to withdraw from the test (available on request)
  • to help a candidate to deliver if the Internet is offline
  • to prevent a candidate from opening the test multiple times
Note: The Invigilator Password becomes visible to the Chief invigilator and the Invigilators one hour before the test starts. The password should not be distributed to candidates, but will be entered by the chief invigilator / invigilator if a candidate has been to type the invigilator password in Inspera Assessment. 


Set Invigilator Password using Lockdown Browser (SEB)

  1. Under Test settings -> Security, select Safe Exam Browser for PC and Mac. Hendelsespassord_EN.PNG
  2. Enter a password that you want to use, or use the one that is automatically generated by Inspera Assessment. 
    • The character count cannot exceed 8 characters.


Invigilator Password in Open Browser

Note: This functionality requires activation. 

Invigilator Password in Open Browser can be used alone, or in combination with Lockdown Browser.


The purpose of Invigilator Password in Open Browser is to improve security in the following scenarios:

  • Tests conducted with Open Browser in the computer room, with machines owned by the institution
  • Candidates who are exempt from Lockdown Browser


Question about entering Invigilator Password pops up when:

  • The candidate tries to navigate to the Dashboard before the submission has been delivered
  • The candidate tries to open and continue in a test that has already started


Invigilator Password is also enabled under Security in Test settings. Under Open Browser, select Require Invigilator Password


Here, you can also enter a password that you want to use, or select what has been generated by Inspera Assessment. 







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