Allow candidates to sign off own submission

Submissions from candidates are typically kept in Inspera for up to two years. After two years, the submissions may be permanently removed from the system.

Candidates have ability to permanently delete their submission from the system by using the setting Allow candidates to sign off own submission. This includes both the submission and marking for that submission. The submission will be deleted from the view of the candidate as well as from the view of the planner and grader. In some countries, this is a legal requirement. We do not recommend that you activate this feature unless your institution requires it.

Warning: The action of deleting a submission cannot be reversed. Once the candidates have signed off their submission, the submission will be completely gone from the system forever. 


Settings for Planner

The Planner can choose to enable the option for candidates to sign off their own submission in the After test settings when creating a test.

  1. Click Allow candidate post-submission review. This can be enabled at any time.
  2. Click Allow candidates to sign off own submission.



Candidate experience 

After the grader confirms marking, the candidate can sign back into Inspera Assessment.

  1. Navigate to the Archive tab.
  2. Under the relevant test, click See more details.
  3. Click Remove submission.
  4. Confirm sign off of your submission, click Yes.


You can read more about how candidates can sign off their submissions in the article Sign off submission - for candidates



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