Inspirational Question Sets

In this article you will find Inspirational Question Sets to demonstrate different use of different question types. We believe that a variety in how questions are asked will enable new ways for students to show their knowledge. 

Below is a list of available Inspirational Question Sets targeted to different student groups. Simply click on the following links to view the question sets.

You can test all of these by answering the questions, using the same tools that are available for students in real test sittings. Your responses will not be stored anywhere. 


English question sets:

K12: Inspirational STEM #1 (for primary school)

K12: Inspirational STEM #2 (for upper primary to high school)

Higher Education: Inspirational General

Higher Education: Inspirational Finance


Swedish question sets:

K12: Inspirational General

K12: 1st to 6th grade

K12: 7th to 12th grade

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