How to use GeoGebra as an Embed code in Inspera Assessment

By using GeoGebra as an Embed code, the candidates can use GeoGebra for modeling. The candidates can, for examplet, explore mathematical phenomena such as functions, 3D models and other. 

As an embed code, the candidates can't do changes in GeoGebra, such as making their own models, inserting values and fuctions, without this being arranged for.

In the example below, the candidates are able to pull a slider to explore the surface of the cube, or play an animation where the values in the slider change itselfs. 


How to add GeoGebra as an Embed code

1. Create a file

Create a GeoGebra-file (ggb-file) in GeoGebra Classic App on your device or in one of the applications at

Tip: You can also use shared resources at, including Classroom Resources.


2. Save the file

Save the ggb-file in your user profile at (you must have an account).

The image below shows two ways of saving your file at



3. Open file and find the embed code

Go to resources on your user profile, and click directly on the resource that you want to use (you don't have to open the file in the Application).

Note: If you are going to use a shared resource, click directly on it.

Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, and choos "Details".


Click "Share", and then "Embed".


Copy the embedcode.


4. Add the embed code

In Inspera Assessment, go to the question that you want to insert the embed code to. Click on "Main illustration" and select "Embed code".  Paste the embed code from the resource. 

Tip: You can insert an embed code in to all of the question types.


Candidate experience

For the candidates, the main illustration with the ggb-file is displayed as follows:


In the example above, the candidates can pull the slider to explore the cube and at the same time answer the question itself. The animation of the model is automatically played, as set by the author the ggb-file. The main illustration will be the same size as the resource is displayed at when you tap it directly. 



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