Override automatic scores

Available for Grader.

If necessary, you can override score on automatically scored questions in a test while grading.

This function supports following:

  • Decimals are allowed
  • Negative scores are allowed
  • Max score is limited to the max score set by the question author
  • Score override can be reset

The Maximum marks defines the highest possible number of marks a grader may give to a candidate answer in the grading tool. Grader can not override score to a higher value than the one set by the author.


  1. Click Override on top-right corner. Automatisk_rettede_oppgaver_EN.JPG
  2. Set New value and click Update. It is not possible to override score higher than maximum marks set by the author.
  3. A confirmation message will appear on top of the window.

Manually overridden questions are highlighted in red color in the candidate results page:



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