How to add a custom made GeoGebra file as a resource in Inspera Assessment

Note: By adding a custom made GeoGebra file from as a resource, the candidates can access local files on their devices through the main menu and "Insert Image"-button on the toolbar. This may be a security risk when using Safe Exam Browser (SEB).

What is GeoGebra and why use it

GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.

At you can choose between different Applications which you can add as resources in a question set:

  • Graphing Calculator
  • 3D Calculator
  • CAS Calculator
  • Geometry
  • GeoGebra Classic
  • Probability
  • Notes

By using a custom made GeoGebra file as a resource, you can pre-select which GeoGebra Application the candidates will do their work in. You can also create a GeoGebra file with predefined values, sketches and so on. 

Information: If you do not want the candidates to able to access local files on their device or be redirected to other links, you should use this GeoGebra link as a resource. This GeoGebra resource also gives candidates access to all the tools in GeoGebra.

Note: By using GeoGebra as a resource the grader won't see what the candidates have done in GeoGebra. Any work in the resource will not be saved, and cannot be submitted along with the rest of the submission.


How to add a custom made GeoGebra file as a resource

1. Create a file

Create a GeoGebra-file (ggb-file) in GeoGebra Classic App on your device or in one of the applications at

Tip: When you create a ggb-file you can customise which perspectives or tools the candidates can use.

For example, if you want your candidates to use the 3D Calculator only, create a ggb-file with just this perspective. You can also add text/information for the candidates into the file.


2. Save the file

Save the ggb-file in your user profile at (you must have an account).

The image below shows two ways of saving your file at



3. Open in App and copy URL

Go to resources at your user profile at, and open the ggb-file by clicking "Open in App".


Copy the URL from your ggb-file.



4. Add the resource

Go to the Question Set, which you want to add the resource to, in Inspera Assessment. Click "Show resources" in the right lower corner.

Then click "Add resource" and choose "URL". Paste the URL to the ggb-file.


You can add several resources in to a question set.


Candidate Experience

The candidates will find the GeoGebra resource(s) at the bottom of the test.


The image below shows how a GeoGebra resource can look like. This is an example of the Probability module where the Chi-Squared distribution is selected in advance. 


When the candidates open a resource in SEB, it appears in a window on the right side in the test. They can only have one resource up at a time. By clicking another resource, this will overflow the current resource. It is possible to get back to the last resource by clicking the minimize button.

Note: If a candidate closes a resource, the work done in it will disappear for the candidate.


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