Role description - Grader

Has access to Grade and Monitor.



  • View candidate list
  • Filter candidate list
  • View submissions
  • Download submissions
  • Download marks and grades as csv
  • Download/upload candidate list and grades in excel (if activated)
  • Set marks or grades on questions
  • Apply automatically calculated grade (requires threshold values)
  • Change threshold values (if applicable)
  • Override automatic marks on questions
  • Confirm own/final grading (depending on workflows determined by the planner)
  • View details pane on assessment in Grading
  • View associated Question set
  • View (and print) grading protocol
  • Upload mark scheme
  • Add private comments on learner level and question level
  • Add an explanation of grade
  • Send explanation of grade (may be restricted by planner)
  • Request and view anti-similarity report (if an integration exists)
    • Anti-similarity available only for some question types
    • May be restricted to Planners only
  • Comment directly in submission



  • View all candidates on assessment
  • Toggle columns on/off
  • Search and apply a filter in lists
  • Create, edit and delete own views
  • Apply available actions to candidates



Monitor actions available for graders

After activation and during assessment - Test status: Active

Candidates with status Submitted:

  • View submission
  • Download and print

After test ends - Test status: Finished

Candidates with status Submitted

  • View submission
  • Download and print
  • View results
    • Test must be ready for grading
  • Edit explanation


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