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Information: This feature requires activation. Please contact the Service Desk to activate.

This feature is available for Authors. The feature enables the author to highlight text in a section stimulus. The highlighed text is linked to one of the questions in the section so that when the candidate focuses on a question, the linked text will be highlighetd in the stimulus. 

As the candidate moves thorugh the questions, different parts of the stimulus text will be highlighted. 


How to highlight text

The prerequisite is that the question set has a section with a layout that includes section stimulus. See the article about sections in question sets for more details. For all examples in this article, we will use basic layout with left stimulus, which is the recommended setting for the highlight feature.

Note: If the question set has more than one language version, the highlighs must be added separately in each laguage version.

1. Add a Document as the section stimulus, and add the desired text.

2. Select the text that you want highlighted and click on the highlight brush at the top right of the toolbar.


3. Select the question that should show the highlight.



4. All the highlights are listed in the panel at the right side, where you can also remove highlights, or connect them to a different question.



5. Verify in preview to make sure that the correct text is linked to the correct question.


Candidate experience

As the candidate navigates through the questions, the highlighted text will change according to what the author decided. The highlighted text will have a blue underlining.


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