How to remove the Image-button in GeoGebra

Note: This article only applies if you are adding a custom GeoGebra file as a resource to a question set.



The Image-button in Geogebra let the students access their local files on their device. This may be a security risk when using Safe Exam Browser (SEB). 


Where to find the Image-button

The Image-button appears in two perspectives in GeoGebra:

  1.  The Algebra perspective: On the left of "Input" in the Algebra perspective there is a plus sign. When clicking this the Image-button appears.
  2. The Toolbar: By clicking the "Slider"-button on the toolbar, the possibility of uploading an image appears. This toolbar exists in the Geometry perspective and Graphic perspective.


How to remove the Image-button

In the GeoGebra application at, you can customize the toolbar. You can do this by clicking the following:

The three horizontal stripes in the right upper corner --> "Tools" --> "Customize Toolbar"


The content of the toolbar appears in the left. By clicking the plus sign at the right of the "Slider", you will get the "Image"-button.

Drag and drop "Image" to the right of the screen and then click "Apply".



Remember to save your GeoGebra file before you add it as a resource in the question set. 

Learn more about how to add a custom made GeoGebra file as a resource in Inspera Assessment. 


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